What's Your Core

What’s your CORE?™

CORE /kôr/ (noun) : the central or most important part of something.

Your CORE is what keeps you solid, grounded and happy. It is what you live for and look forward to
when you wake up in the morning.

Our CORE is to empower...
What’s your CORE?

We want to Empower your CORE and help you discover how our Liquid Core® products can help you do what you love! To do this, we will be giving away various Liquid Core® products to multiple winners every single week and a $1,000 check to one lucky winner per month!

To Win Liquid Core® Products:

Every Monday, we will be posting a new Giveaway Post on our Instagram (@liquidcoregum) where you can enter to win Liquid Core® Energy & Wellness products. You can continue to enter weekly, and the WINNERS will be chosen every Friday morning at random. To enter into these posts, you will have to:

1. Follow us @liquidcoregum

2. Like the post

3. Tag 3 friends in the comments of the post & share to your stories for additional entries


To Win Funding for Your CORE:

Every month, we will thoughtfully select a winner to receive $1,000 on behalf of Liquid Core® Gum Company. You may continue to enter every month and you can enter by:

1. Following us @liquidcoregum

2. Post a photo/video to your own page WITH a Liquid Core® Energy or Wellness Product in the shot

3. Write a caption explaining how Liquid Core® products help to Empower your CORE & tag the post with #thatsmycore and @liquidcoregum 

Some fine print: Each week multiple winners will be selected to receive free Liquid Core® Gum Products. Each month, one winner will be selected to win $1,000.00 that they can use how they like to support their CORE. No limit on entries as long as the above steps are followed